About Young Innovators Forum

The University of Nairobi is well positioned to champion and lead the conversations of Innovation in the country. Research has clearly demonstrated that Universities are at the centre of the development of innovation ecosystems. Boston succeeded because of MIT, Stanford University shaped the Silicon Valley, and emerging global cities like Austin and Tel Aviv are powered by Innovation conscious Universities like University of Texas and Tel Aviv University, respectively.

The rising number of potential young innovators is an opportunity to harness their powerful minds in a bid to create a community of innovators and inculcate the culture of creativity, innovativeness and continuous learning. In this regard, it is important that, as we constantly engage partners in advancing the dialog on innovation, we also mould the base on which the innovative economy will be built. The Nairobi Innovation Week provides this platform, but being an annual event that requires rigorous planning, there is a need for another more regular and frequent engagement with the young innovators and industry.

The C4DLab in collaboration with Unified Innovation Society, will coordinate a biannual forum for young innovators.


Strengthen Dialogue

To strengthen the dialogue on the current state of innovation and energize the innovation culture within the University and nationally

Build Capacity

To build capacity of young innovators on various areas including: project planning and management, funding opportunities, Intellectual property, financial management, commercialization and entrepreneurship.

Champion Policy Discussions

To champion relevant policy discussions on innovation within institutions and the country at a higher frequency

Networking Platform

To provide a platform for Networking between the innovators and to encourage the University-Industry innovator engagement and actual collaboration.

Promote Innovation Commercialization

To promote innovations and their commercialization.

Build Community of Student Innovators

To propel the growth and development of a community of student innovators.

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